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Postby patlaw » Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:39 am

Welcome to Frets and Friends.

We hope that you enjoy your time here and feel free to speak what's on your mind. We are trying very hard to limit Administrator interference, but we need your help. Rest assured that any incident of post/thread editing or removal will only be undertaken after very careful consideration and only as a last resort. That being said, there are a few rules you should know about.

Posting of pornographic material or links to pornographic material is not allowed. Any post containing pornographic material will be edited or deleted.

Frets and friends does not condone racism, and while some comments may or may not be construed as racist, no racial slurs are allowed. We believe the term "racial slur" is pretty self explanatory.

Unfettered political debate is encouraged, and since such debates will likely become heated, we require that ALL political discussion take place in The Soap Box. There is an appropriate warning on The Soap Box header that you enter at your own risk. If you can't take the heat, don't go there. Political comments in other threads will be deleted or moved at admin discretion.

We ask that all of our members treat each other with respect and refrain from pointless name calling, as it will only detract from open, honest political debate. We value every member's participation, even when we completely disagree with their positions. We will only moderate people's behavior when we feel absolutely forced to do so. Hopefully the freedom of expression allowed here will not be abused, otherwise we will be forced to take appropriate action.

If you find one of your threads or posts edited or deleted, don't take offense at it. We'll try to PM you and tell you why. If we don't, feel free to contact us. We're very open about these rules. Sometimes things read differently to others than they did when you wrote them.

If at any time you decide to leave the board, you don't need to cancel your account. Just leave it active, and if you decide to come back, we're here. If you registered a long time ago and never actually logged onto the board, we will probably delete your account. However, it is very simple to sign up again and participate.

Welcome to the forum. Now get posting.
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