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Virtually brand new FOSTEX 16/24 channel hard disk drive recorder. model # D 16/24....Selling it for a friend who never got a chance to integrate it to a studio. This is a serious professional recorder .

Bought it, checked all the functions, made a couple test drive recordings,then stored it away until I finished buying pre amps,studio monitors,etc. Ran out of money. Thusly it was NEVER EVEN RACKED ! Cost me mucho denaro when I bought it new. A GREAT UNIT...My loss !

Please see Tech info...
..interested parties may call 805.520.9756 or 805.304.9928 directly to do some horse trading.
$475 :shock:
Product Description :
Fostex have made new additions to their range of stand-alone professional digital multitrack recorders and now presents the new 24-bit/96kHz compatible D1624. This high specification machine records uncompressed digital audio at up to 24-bit/96kHz to caddy-held standard E-IDE hard drives by way of state-of-the-art 128x oversampling delta-sigma 24-bit AD/DAs - all unter the full control of FDMS-3, Fostex's effcient Disk Management System. FDMS-3 not only offers more efficient disk usage, (up to 1,880 track minutes recording on a 10Gb drive with 16bit/44.1kHz), but also allows for faster editing operations.

In addition to the 24-bit/96kHz capability, this machine also offers 4 other recording formats, additional ghost tracks, sophisticated non-destructive audio editing with multiple undos, copy/paste editing across song programs, .WAV file support and RS-422 connectors supporting the P2 protocol. Ease of use has been enhanced too with the addition of the "All Input" and "All Ready" functions which allow a user to check all input signals and make all tracks ready with single button pushes. Expansion options have also been improved and now run to plug-in cards to add timecode, AES/EBU and balanced I/O functions. Usability, expansion, incredible quality digital recording, the D1624 has every base covered.
16 track digital multitracks with no compression
24bit 96kHz (8 tracks) plus 4 other recording formats (16bit/44.1kHz, 16bit/48kHz, 24bit/44.1kHz, 24bit/48kHz)
128 times oversampling delta-sigma 24bit AD/DA
16 further 'ghost tracks'
Save & load song files in .WAV format
Level envelope display aids easy copy, paste, move & erase editing with undo & redo
Copy/Paste editing across programs (songs)
Virtual timecode clock function
Unlimited chronological editing UNDOs (dependant on free hard disc space available)
6 point edit memory & 99 locate point memory
MMC & FEX implemented for external MIDI control
Multiple tempo and signature changed per song
MIDI clock with song position pointer
S/P DIF & ADAT™ Optical Digital Interfaces
Remote connector complying with RS-422
High speed backup to an external SCSI device in addition to regular backup to ADAT or DAT
Option timecode, AES/EBU and balanced I/O cards
30 GB Hard Drive
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