Some pedals ( mostly bass)

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Some pedals ( mostly bass)

Postby bassbob » Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:17 pm

So I am scaling down my pedal board and getting rid of some stuff I don't use in an effort to replace some stuff I do use which has broken. I am open to trades as well.

What I have:

MXR Bass Octave Deluxe. Got it for X-mas last year. Great pedal, no issues. Like new with box and paperwork. I just don't use it. Costs $150 new. I would sell it for $100 shipped.

Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter. Another great pedal. Like new with box, paperwork and Hot Hands wired controller. It does EHX Bassballs, Q-Tron and any other envelope filter you can imagine. It has infinite tweaking possibilities. Got it brand new for $120, sell it for $90 shipped.

Peterson Strobostomp ( the blue one). I bought it used for $140. I hate to sell it because it is invaluable for set-ups. I prefer a TU2 on my board though and I figure this pedal will sell the fastest, so $100 shipped.

What I need:

Flanger. I prefer a vintage yellow Ibanez FL-9, but will entertain any offers.
Chorus. I prefer a Boss CE5 Chorus ensemble, but will entertain any offers.
Phaser. What ya got?

I am a pedal whore and will pretty much listen to any offer you make. :)
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